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     Peace and Blessings truth students, today is February 22nd and Welcome back to our all new "monthly" (instead of weekly) Maintra as we continue to learn powerful Mantras spoken in Sanskrit translated to English. The mantra for the month of february is  from the japji - mul mantra.


For the month of February and for the rest of the year we will be reciting the prayers of the sikhs. If you practice kundalini yoga then you are already familiar with prayers from the sikhs because most of the mantras chanted are from this great and dynamic belief system.


Our Mantra for this month in Sanskrit:

Ek Ong Kar
Sat Nam
Kartaa Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair

Akaal Moorat
Ajoonee, Saibhang, Gur Prasaad
Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhee Sach, Nanak Hosee Bhee sach.

      English Translation:

One Universal Creator God, The supreme Unchangeable Truth and that is the Onkar, The Creator of the Universe, Beyond Fear, Beyond Hatred, Beyond Death, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent, by the Guru’s Grace. 


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