Meditation Mantras

   Peace and Blessings truth students, today is july 26th and this is the week of our 15th pauree

happy chanting!

15th pauree:

Mannai paaveh mokh du-aar.

Mannai parvaarai saadhaar.

Mannai tarai taaray gur sikh.

Mannai naanak bhaveh na bhikh

Aisaa naam niranjan ho-ei.

Jay ko maan jaannai man ko-ei. ]15]

English Translation:

The faithful find the Door of Liberation.

The faithful uplift and redeem their family and relations.

The faithful are saved, and carried across with the Sikhs of the Guru.

The faithful, O Nanak, do not wander around begging.

Such is the Name of the immaculate True One.

Only one who has faith comes to know such a state of mind.


THanks for tuning in.

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