Meditation Mantras

   Peace and Blessings truth students, today is May 10th, welcome back to our all-new "weekly" (instead of monthly) Mantra as we continue to learn powerful Mantras chanted in Sanskrit translated to English. The mantra for the second week in may is from the japji -pauree 4 .



Our Mantra for this week in Sanskrit:

Saachaa saahib saach naa-ay bhaakhi-aa bhaa-o apaar

aakhi mangahi dahi daat karay daataar

fayrke agai rakhee-ai jit disal darbaar

muhou ke bolan bolee-ai jit sun dharaypi-aar

amrit vaylaa sach naa-o

vadi-aa-ee veechaar

karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du aar

naanak ayvai jaanee-ai sabh aapay sachiaar

english Translation:


true master, true is his name meditate it with utmost humility and deep love. ask and plead give, give - the giver gives in abundance. what can we place before him, by which the darbaar can be seen? what words can our mouth utter, listening to which his love is gained? 

In the ambrosial period, dwell upon his true name and praises.

with good past karmas, this robe is obtained , by his grace, the gate of liberation is found.

o nanak, know this well; everything is in the righteous lord!



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