I bolded the title just to emphasize the enormity of what is coined "edging god out" or the devil itself, but the EGO can be a beast! If this beast is not tamed properly it can literally be the root of our greatest downfall. "How do I know?" you ask, well...there was a time in my life when the EGO and the other beast "Greed" got a hold of me and wouldn't let go. I was working for a finance company, making a lot of money, living the good life- as though I thought. I was getting paid to do (what I later learned) unethical, immoral things and I simply didn't care because how great the pay was. EGO and Greed were dominating my life at that time, and I was blinded, I rationalized my evil doings saying things like "this is my job, this is what I'm paid to do" and "I know God understands my position, he understands what I have to do." WRONG! God doesn't see our shortcomings, our inequities, our faults, our lies, our evildoings; God only see's us for who we truly are - a part of him, Holy Whole and Complete. Now the Law is a different story, the Law just does what it is suppose to do and doesn't ask