Acts of resistance lays the foundation to the inevitable.

Life is ambiguous to most, we go through our day reacting and responding to triggers that are unclear of their origin; yet, we continue. Since everything is Spirit, there is no way possible to avoid or delay the Truth of Spirit, your deeds/struggles can only contribute to the process, actually it's laying the foundation.

Are you laying a foundation of love, peace and happiness? If you're not sure, examine your life. Are you giving love, compassion, understanding, and peace? Life gives back to you everything that you give to it.

Give all your struggles, issues, concerns, hates, needs for control, resistance of any kind, to God and let it go! Your restless, relentless, condemnation spreading deeds are contributing factors to what you will one day experience, it's true because your thoughts are things- your things.

Knowing and understanding the nature of Spirit (God is Spirit), brings a profound knowledge, wisdom, and peace that's beyond average, so please- get to know God, wake up Spirit!

Welcome the Holy Spirit into your life, we were created to experience God life, a Holy Human experience. And we're on a journey back to our source but we must be Holy. Our Spirit knows this Truth (whether asleep or awake) and will stop at nothing to make that final Holy ascent, which explains why we attract trouble and challenges, to learn and grow from them. Some lessons need not be so difficult, listening to words from enlightened people can help. We're here to help and take care of each other in a Godly way. This contributes to the continuation of a society because it works with, not against the essence of Life. Put down your tools, resist not and follow the essence of life, which is God.

Be great today!


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Ms. Deborah Francis aka Satori Kensho, Minister (Universal Life Church), Mystic and Founder.  

   I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. and my Spiritual Journey begins with my first encounter with the Holy Spirit at the age of 2, baptized and received Christ at the age of 8 and then again at the age of 42. I was raised a Christian but I was a student of many religious beliefs. Curious to know how God was working through other religions I've studied the Koran, Judaism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Christian Science and New Thought. I've also studied ancient texts such as the Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets of Hermes, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. As a result of my studies I rest in the teachings of Jesus the Christ and acknowledge the Holy Trinity as governor of my life.

    I've practiced many forms of Meditation for over 15 years and I've learned that we are Spirits having a human experience and each Spirit is in a different phase or stage of its evolution. Sow Good Seed is here to assist you on your Spiritual journey!

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