God cannot be deceived!

I'm currently reading "Supply" by Joel Goldsmith and there's a short chapter titled God cannot be deceived. It's probably the smallest chapter in the book because it's very direct. Here's an excerpt.."Always remember that the Spirit is closer to you than breathing. You can't deceive It because It is your self, It is your intelligence, It is your wisdom, It is the very guiding instinct of your being." (Goldsmith pg.46) I can stop right here because what more is there to say about our attempts to cover things up, or to pretend that we're living righteously. Truth starts within your own being and the Holy Spirit is the Defender of Truth. If you're not in God's Truth (because we can create our own truth which is not truth) you're not in God. Prayer and Meditation can bring clarity to the mind about God's truth. Lets put down our tools of deception (and anything else that's blocking our blessings) and surrender to the God that loves you more than you could ever understand.

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