Holy Spirit is always teaching, part 2

Updated: May 6, 2020

Good morning Truth students! I apologize for I haven't been blogging, and that's because I only blog when I have an authentic message from the Holy Spirit. As the title states the Holy Spirit is always teaching but sometimes what there is to learn from the lesson takes awhile to show up, and I must stay in the Truth and not rush it.

In the meantime, I pray that everyone is healthy and safe.

I was watching an online lesson today (I apologize but I don't mention names because I don't have permission) and I saw something that I thought would trigger resentment but the Holy Spirit said "wait" and so I did, and sure enough what I thought was going to be a trigger for resentment, in turn was a confirmation from a previous lesson, so now the lesson is learned. I got it! Thanks be to God the lesson is learned and we (myself and the Holy Spirit) can move on. Now, the teachings don't stop, and they won't because that's what the Holy Spirit does- it teaches! The Holy Spirit is the Governor of God's Laws (through activity) and Laws are the reason why we exist. And since God is Infinite, the Laws are Infinite, and if the Laws are Infinite we are Infinite. Our Spirit is eternal, where we spend eternity is up to us, so lets learn about our great Creator and its Laws so we can live a joyous life and a joyous after life. Having a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit is the best way I know to learn about the Creator and learn from all the lessons that it teaches; and the best way I know to have a strong relationship with this dynamic being we call God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, is by prayer and meditation. Lets get started today! Be great today!

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