Pray to your troubles...huh?

As we approach a new calendar year I employ a lot of reflection during meditation, not to dwell on the past but to learn from it. I check back through the many many lessons of the previous year, only searching for missed or misunderstood ones. I know that the Lord is a Phenomenal teacher, filled with love and patience where as, if I didn't understand a lesson fully or missed it completely, God will gladly repeat it until it's received.

With this understanding comes great reverence and I must be honest..

a little fear; for I've seen this dynamic being in action and God is nothing to play around with. I know you're thinking we should never fear God, but that's easier said than done, but thankfully the feeling never lasts for long, the Holy Spirit makes sure of it.

Since we're having an honest conversation about reflection and how we can sometimes fear God, lets talk about how to get over that fear quickly, and any other fear or negative feeling we may experience, by reflection and recalling past lessons.

Growing up in a Baptist Church I would often hear the Pastor preach about giving your troubles to Jesus but I never understood how. How do I give it to him? How do I tell this Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent being something it already knows? Well, ok, I would spell it all out to him but the troubles were still there, so what's a girl to do? One day the answer came to me, my prayers were more focused on how to give my troubles to Jesus instead of telling my troubles about Jesus, Thank God for another life sustaining lesson! Here we are today, and I still have moments of when I fear God, I have moments of uncertainty and misunderstandings, I have moments when it's not clear of what to do next, when or where? So I tell those moments about God in my prayers; In my meditations I chant "God" over and over, ( at least eleven minutes) and it's attached to every thought that crosses my mind, this is how I give my troubles and everything that concerns me to Jesus and it works instantly! Thank you Jesus! I chant God every morning and every night, and sometimes through out the day. I know this blog is for someone that's been questioning God about their many troubles and challenges, I recommend telling them about God.

This is a phenomenal meditation and I can teach it to you in less than five minutes, and as a courtesy to my readers, free of charge! Send me an email at with your contact information, this is one of my favorite meditations and I know you'll enjoy it too, Lets get started today!

Thanks for reading, leave your comments and feedback using the chat icon and Be great today!

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