The Love of Money!

1 Timothy 6:10 "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which will some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. "

Everything you see (and don't see) that's outside God's will such as: hate, stealing, murder, envy, jealousy, lies and deceit has its origin in the love of money. Either someone is hoping to get money, working in the midst of money, or protecting yours or someone else's money, the root of every act of evil is Money. It's not where you came from and it's not about where you are going, it's not about your religion and it's not about your ethnicity, it's all about the Love of Money - Greed! African American ancestors were enslaved because of the Love of Money...and there are many more accounts of trifling evil acts where if you dig deep enough, you will find the love of money attached to the roots.

The Love of Money (Greed) is the root of all evil, we will turn our backs on our morals, on our beliefs, on our family, on our faith, and on society simply for its acquisition or the maintenance there of. This love is self destructive because as the good book explains you can't Love God and money, and the only way to free yourself is through the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer and Meditation is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to do its work, lets get started today!

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Ms. Deborah Francis aka Satori Kensho, Minister (Universal Life Church), Mystic and Founder.  

   I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. and my Spiritual Journey begins with my first encounter with the Holy Spirit at the age of 2, baptized and received Christ at the age of 8 and then again at the age of 42. I was raised a Christian but I was a student of many religious beliefs. Curious to know how God was working through other religions I've studied the Koran, Judaism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Christian Science and New Thought. I've also studied ancient texts such as the Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets of Hermes, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. As a result of my studies I rest in the teachings of Jesus the Christ and acknowledge the Holy Trinity as governor of my life.

    I've practiced many forms of Meditation for over 15 years and I've learned that we are Spirits having a human experience and each Spirit is in a different phase or stage of its evolution. Sow Good Seed is here to assist you on your Spiritual journey!

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