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For continuing education purposes, I watched two videos/tutorials on the Pattan website. The videos talked mostly about the effects of trauma on school aged children. While this information is vital to me because I work with special needs children and I work with children that don't have special needs through my meditation practice; yet don't all children have special needs whether they're classified as that or not, especially now?

We are currently in the midst of an unsettling time, we have a Pandemic and human rights unrest, and many more traumatizing events. These events are traumatizing to people of all ages whether they realize it or not because trauma is a physiological issue that sometimes doesn't show immediately, yet it's there.

"Trauma occurs when a child experiences an intense event that threatens or causes harm to his or her emotional and physical well-being. " - National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network

A sudden change in lifestyle, such as staying in the house, wearing a mask, doing school work online, being taught their school work by a parent, conflicts within the home, viewing police brutality, and there are many more intense events that are traumatic to children that we simply don't know about, and or take for granted that it's traumatic at all. The video goes on to explain how there are hidden effects of trauma such as: blood pressure rises, the liver releases glucose to provide energy for muscles (preparing for Flight), Digestion slows or ceases and Cortisol is released (depresses immune system). These are all apart of "Fight, Flight or Freeze," which could lead to current and or future health problems.

Please don't ignore this extremely important information because our children are our future and we must address the effects of trauma sooner than later.

Prayer and Meditation are crucial to your Self care and the care of your child, so we can mentally process traumatic events; pandemic, police brutality and personal events, to remain focused, disciplined, clear, and efficient.

Trauma can be debilitating but it doesn't have to be, I can guide you and your child to Scientifically proven meditation practices that reduces stress and the harmful effects of trauma, lets get started today! Be great today!

" do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

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